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One Day Seminar and Activity on “Bureau of Indian Standards"- September 26, 2023

Bureau of Indian Standards (BIS) Unit of Mewar University Organized One Day Seminar and Activity on “Bureau of Indian Standards"- September 26, 2023

The Departments of Computer Science & Engineering hosted a one-day event on September 26, 2023, about the "Bureau of Indian Standards" (BIS). The event was presided over by Hon’ble Vice Chancellor, Prof. (Dr.) Alok Misra, along with other dignitaries including Dr. Raja Ramasamy, Registrar, Mr. D. K. Sharma, Dean Academics, Mr. Kapil Nahar, Deputy Dean Engineering, and H. Widhani, OSD, Mewar University.

The event began with Mr. B. L. Pal, Head of the Bureau of Indian Standards club welcoming the guest speaker, Mr. Lov Kumar, who works as a standard promotion officer at BIS. In his welcoming speech, Mr. B. L. Pal praised BIS for its role in setting standards and ensuring quality in India. He explained that BIS is a national organization in India, responsible for creating and maintaining quality standards for various products and services.

Mr. Lov Kumar, SPO (standard promotion officer) then started the orientation program by explaining the various types of standards such as system standards, product standards, standards of tests, etc.

The guest of the program, Mr. Lov Kumar was felicitated by H. Widhani, OSD, Mewar University. He enlightened the gathering about the importance of the Bureau of Indian Standards and its role in shaping Indian history.

After the orientation, a write up on Standard of Helmet was conducted, and the first position was secured by Tanish Dadheech and Shivani Dhakar (B.Tech, CSE 2nd year), the second position was secured by Mayank Nawal and Ashutosh Mishra Dhakar (B.Tech, CSE 2nd year), followed by Praveen Kumar and Ayush Gurjar Dhakar (B.Tech, CSE 2nd year) and Sonwane Sahil Anil and Pawan Singh Dhakar (B.Tech, CSE 2nd year) on the third and fourth positions.

The seminar was successfully organized and it helped students understand the importance of having standards and the valuable work done by BIS in promoting them. Such seminars are crucial in raising awareness among young people about the significance of standards, and BIS deserves recognition for its efforts in this area.

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