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"Online Expert Lecture: “Introduction to Statics and Data Analysis using Excel” - September 22, 2023

The Departments of Computer Science & Engineering and Computer Applications jointly organized an Expert Lecture conducted online, and titled "Introduction to Statics and Data Analysis using Excel" on September 22, 2023. The event was graced by the presence of Hon’ble Vice Chancellor, Prof. (Dr.) Alok Misra, along with other dignitaries including Dr. Raja Ramasamy, Registrar, Dr. Chetali Agrawal, Research Director, Prof. D. K. Sharma Dean Academics, and Prof. Kapil Nahar, Deputy Dean Engineering.

The lecture commenced with Dr. Raja Ramasamy extending a cordial welcome to the guest speaker, Dr. Vikas Kumar, a distinguished professor associated with Chaudhary Bansi Lal University, Bhavani, Haryana, as well as a visiting professor at esteemed institutions like IIM Indore and the University of Northern Iowa (USA).

Dr. Raja Ramasamy, the Registrar of Mewar University Chittorgarh, delivered a commendatory address acknowledging Dr. Vikas Kumar's dedication in elucidating the extraction of insights from datasets through Excel-based statistical and data analysis.

The lecture was attended by 70 students through offline mode and 60 through online mode, with active participation of faculty members across departments.

Dr. Vikas Kumar commenced the lecture by expounding essential statistical concepts, ranging from foundational concepts like mean and standard deviation to the mastery of data collection and organization. Moreover, he delved into the utilization of Excel's potent tools for data visualization, equipping students with the skills to craft compelling charts and graphs for data interpretation.

In conclusion, students acquired critical Excel skills, enabling them to proficiently handle and analyze data, a skill set of paramount importance applicable across diverse academic and professional domains.

The session culminated with a vote of thanks offered by Mr. B.L.Pal, Head of the Department of Computer Science & Engineering.

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