Ph.D. Programme

Located at the scenic foothills of the Aravali hills, Mewar University has always aspired to be a cradle of high-end research, actively following UGC-mandated norms as well as internationally acknowledged standards. The University offers its Doctoral students advanced research training, expert supervision to support progression till the final submission of thesis, and top-quality research facilities.

The University offers two routes to the award of Doctoral degrees:

  • Ph.D (Doctoral Programme)
  • PGRI (Post Graduate Integrated Research Programme)

Both are aimed at awarding Doctoral degrees; however, the difference is that the Ph.D is for those who have already completed their Master’s degree, whereas PGRI is meant normally for those who have not yet received a Master’s degree. Hence the duration of the PGRI programme is longer than the normal Ph.D course. Doctoral Programmes are offered in various subjects under all faculties of the University.

For Ph.D. programmes in various subjects, please apply to the university in the prescribed form.

Policy for Research Promotion:


Consolidated Revised Ph.D Notification(update on 10 April 2018)
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Award Of Provisional Ph.D. Degree
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Authentication of M. Phil. and Ph.D. Degree by the Department of Higher Education Govt. of Rajasthan.
Award of Provisional Ph.D. Degree
 Course work Orientation  28th to 30th April 2017-Schedule of Programme
Endorsement of UGC/ICAR Regulations of 2016 for M.Phil/Ph.D.
Orientation of Course work for Ph.D. Scholars on  28th to 30th April 2017(Update on 15-Apr-2017)
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Ph.D. Course Work Exam.(Confirmation) (Update on 17-Mar-2017)
Course Work Examination of Ph.D. on 25th and 26th March 2017(Update on 09-Mar-2017)

Application form can be Download here for  Ph.D (updated on 29-2-2016)

Pre Submission Guidelines / Application Form  

Thesis Preparation Manual

Ph.D. Programme Guidelines

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PhD Orientation Program November 2016