National Level Workshop on Computational Methods for Numerical Challenges in Science and Technology

On December 22nd and 23rd 2015, Electrical Engineering Department of Mewar University organised a two days National Level Workshop on Computational Methods for NumericalChallenges in Science and Technology.Dr. Vivek Shanmuganathan, [Professor, SMBS, VIT University, Vellore] and Dr. Sarat Kumar Sahoo [Professor, SELECT, VIT University, Vellore] were the key speakers of the workshop.The workshop was inaugurated by Dr. R K Paliwal, Dean, Basic Sciences, Mewar University, on December 22nd at 9.45am.The two days workshop was divided into four sessions. In each session, the eminent speakers shared their valuable knowledge in the field of computational methods. Dr. Vivek Shanmuganathan discussed, in detail about Scilab & Xcos: Free Software for numerical Analysis and simulation. Dr. Sarat Kumar Sahoo shared his views on the MATLAB Application in Science & Technology. Around 250 participants attended the workshop. The workshop brought in some basic knowledge of computational methods for numerical techniques to the participants. This workshop also provided an opportunity for the participants to learnvarious numerical tools and experts of various fields working, in these areas, exchanged their knowledge inthe field of technical computing.