International Yoga Day celebrations at Mewar university

Acting on the 33-minute ‘Common Yoga Protocol’ issued by the Ministry of AYUSH, Government of India, the yoga team from Patanjali were invited by Mewar University to perform selected ‘asanas’ as officially chosen by the Ministry for the demonstration. Registrar Mr. M Sudershanam inaugurated the International Yoga Day at the Mewar University ADM Block.


While many yoga institutions planed to organise asana sessions to mark the day, Mewar University successfully conducted a yoga demonstration involving its teaching faculty, non-teaching staff members, sportspersons, students and also yoga enthusiasts.


The Team from Patanjali included Mr. Rao Rajesh Singh, Ms. Pooja Raathi and Ms. Anshu Kawar  who not only demonstrated various Asanas of Yog but also empowered a spiritual awakening in all the staff of Mewar University.


Mr. M Sudershanam (Registrar, Mewar University) had to say that the University has celebrated International Day of Yoga by organising a mega yoga session and he himself being at the age of 65 years performed over 26 different asanas creating a zeal in the faculty and staff of the university.


The protocol by the Ministry of AYUSH has been specially prepared for the International Yoga Day and circulated among the staff and faculty. Accordingly, the yoga session began with a prayer in a meditative posture with namaskara mudra and ended with yoga mudrasana. This was followed by a 3-minute presentation consisting of neck, shoulder and knee movements.

Yogasana (yoga postures), including standing postures, sitting postures, prone laying postures and supine laying postures, were followed.

In the standing postures, the participants had performed Taadaasana; Vrikshaasana; Pada-hastaasana/Uttaanaasana; Ardha Chakrasana and Trikonaasana. In the sitting postures, Bhadrasana/Baddhakonaasan; Shashankaasan; Ardha Ushtraasana and Marichyasaana/Vakraasana had been performed. Bhujangaasana, Shalabhaasana and Makaraasana were performed in prone laying postures. In the supine laying postures, the asanas include Setubandha Sarvaangaasana; Pawana Muktaasana and Shavaasana.

This Mega gathering witnessed over 186 individuals who attended various sessions lasting over 2 hours. The gathering concluded with closing note by Mr. M Sudershanam (Registrar Mewar University) stating that there is no age for Yog but unless we do not start this Ancient Indian ritual, it shall not reach the International Recognition and nor shall we live a longer healthy life