Energy & Lighting Technology workshop held jointly with ISLE-LET (UK)

  An intensive workshop on “Energy and Lighting Technology” was conducted on 17 April, 2015.The event was useful for all engineering students as it concerns the efficient use of lighting science and various parameters related to it, like- the type of light source, intensity of light, positioning of lighting source and the need of lighting technology

There were three key speakers Dr. Prakash Barjatia,Mr. Sudesh Gupta,Mr. R.S. Saxena from across the country who were the experts in lighting technology.

Dr. Prakash Barjatia, Hon.General Secratary & Director, CIE-ISLE shared his valuable guiding experience and knowledge on “Lighting Education and Opportunity”.

 Mr. Sudesh gupta, National Head, Business Development, NIL Electronics made students aware about “ Lighting Science”.

Mr. R.S.Saxena, Former Additional Chief  Engineer PWD Rajasthan, Chairman ISLE Rajasthan State Centre gave the enlightening lecture on “ Energy Conservation in Building and Green Building”.

The seminar was very effective in inspiring students to realize the need of time for multi- specialized knowledge and the overall view of this workshop was to have an interdisciplinary approach to job orientation.