Engineering Students attend Research oriented Training in France

Arjun Singh Rathode and Mahipal Singh Chundawat from the Mechanical Engineering final year bachelor Program have reached PolyTech Nantes (France) for their final year training program in the Thermal Engineering Research lab of PolyTech Nantes.

Arjun is currently working under Prof. Ahmed Ould El Moctor for enhancement of the optimum height required in a Solar Chimney while Mahipal under the guidance of Prof. Bertrand Garnier is working on development of new fluid-dynamics equations on the Multi-Physics behavior of effects of heat on fluid flow using COMSOL Software.

It's a moment of pride for Mewar University, as it feels a sense of accomplishment in its students expnading their horizon.  Honorable chairperson Dr. Ashok Kumar Gadiya has envisioned 2015 as the year dedicated to research, and hence many more students will be going for such programs at International Institutes of global repute via the collaborative programs.