Basant Panchami Celebration

The goddess Saraswati,  one of the incarnations of the divine mother Durga, is popularly known as the goddess of learning and wisdom ,descends on the earth to bestow her blessings and enlightenment to the devotees who aspire to be learned, knowledgeable and wise once in a year according to the Indian mythological tradition. Students worship with much ado and admiration to get a celestial ray of bliss and quintessential blessings.

We, the staff and students of the Mewar University celebrated the ‘Godess of Learning’  with glitz and gaiety on the 24th of january,2015 in the university premises. As part of the substance and symbolism, following the rich and rare tradition of   the Vedic rituals, the Puja with a feel of sanctity and solemnity was initiated by the offerings of flowers and fruits..The Havan was offered with the scented and aromatic ingredients. The Vedic chants gallivanted the ambience with fire, and holy smokes welcoming the goddess from her heavenly abode to the earthly learners.

The place was well decorated by the students of B.Tech. and B.Sc. by flowers and rangoli etc.

The Puja was graced by the management representatives such as the Shri Govind Lal ji Gadiya, Secretary, Mewar Education Society, Shri .R.K. Gadiya, and Shri. Sunil ji Gadiya with theMr. M.Sudarshanam, Registrar, Prof. R.K.Paliwal , Dean Basic Sciences etc. The puja came to an end with the Aarti and the distribution ofPrasad.