Sadhvi Dr. Subhashniji Masa graces Mewar University

On 25th November, 2014, Mewar University was graced by the presence of Sadhvi Dr. Subhashniji. Sadhvi Dr. Subhashniji visited Mewar University with her followers at 3:00 PM.

The program started with a bhajan sung by Sadhvi’s followers. A discourse was held on the overall scenario of education in the country and the expectations from today’s youth in Maharana Pratap Seminar Hall. The discourse was followed by Meditation and Spiritual Knowledge given by Sadhvi Dr. Subhashniji Masa.

Her spiritual discourse was on the purity of soul and happiness in human life. She pointed out the difference between temporary happiness and permanent happiness. Everyone listened to the spiritual discourse devoutly in the hall.  The program ended with “Mangla” given by Dr. Subhashniji Masa.