Daily Morning Assembly

Daily Morning Assembly in Mewar University:

This assembly typically features all teachers gathered together in the auditorium for morning assembly which begins with ‘Om Dhwani’& ‘SaraswatiVandna’ followed by the ‘Thought of the day’ & ‘National Anthem’ where every faculty member gets chance to give his / her thought for the day.A regular habit of sharing builds in all of us a history of shared experiences. This is what a shared culture comprises. ‘Thought of the Day’ is selected from the large variety of resources e.g. newspapers, quotations from different religious texts or from speeches of eminent personalities. Morning Assembly brings entire faculty members together as a family. It is the beginning of each day which establishes a positive tone for all of us and encourages positive involvement of all the faculty members in running of the assembly. It has become a custom of Mewar Universitysince its establishmentto practice this morning assembly before starting a day.



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